Upgrading Your Classic Defender Bumper to a New Stainless DRL Bumper

Upgrading Your Classic Defender Bumper to a New Stainless DRL Bumper

Is your front bumper rusty? Corroding? Paint flaking? Then this is the blog for you.

Here at Manor Automotive, for the past nine years we have been manufacturing and supplying upgrade parts for Land Rover Defender models from 1990 to 2016. What we have found is that, unfortunately, the original mild steel bumpers that came on Defender models were just not suitable due to the above issues.

Finally, our stainless steel version was introduced. Proven to outlast any mild steel versions, you'll never have to replace your bumper again.


We currently offer four stainless steel versions. Three of these come with integrated daytime running lights (DRLs), and the other is a classic original style.

Type 1 - Quad DRL: Includes billet light surrounds anodized in black, exclusively our own design.

View in the store: https://manorautomotive.co.uk/products/land-rover-defender-stainless-steel-quad-drl-bumper

Type 2 - Rectangle Ring DRL: Also includes billet light surrounds anodized in black, exclusively our own design.

View in the store: https://manorautomotive.co.uk/products/land-rover-defender-stainless-rectangle-drl-bumper

Type 3 - Quad DRL Basix Bumper: Features plastic light surrounds, offering a budget-friendly option.

View in the store: https://manorautomotive.co.uk/products/defender-stainless-steel-quad-bumper-basix

Type 4 - Standard Classic Defender Bumper: A stainless steel bumper with no DRLs, maintaining the classic look.

View in the store: https://manorautomotive.co.uk/products/land-rover-defender-stainless-steel-bumper

What makes our bumpers stand out from the rest?

Our DRL bumper light surrounds have been specifically designed to fully enclose the light, so no additional holes or brackets are required. This exclusive design by Manor Automotive not only makes them stand out but also simplifies the installation process.

Additionally, all of our bumpers are shot blasted prior to powder coating to ensure high-quality paint adhesion.


How to Change the Bumper on a Classic Land Rover Defender:

Changing your Defender's bumper is a straightforward process. First, remove the old bumper by unscrewing the mounting bolts and disconnecting any attached wiring. Once the old bumper is off, clean the mounting area to ensure a good fit for the new bumper. If you're installing a DRL bumper, ensure the wiring is properly set up by an auto electrician. Place the new stainless steel bumper in position and secure it with the provided stainless steel fixings. Make sure everything is aligned correctly, then tighten the bolts to ensure a secure fit. Finally, test the DRLs (if installed) to ensure they're functioning properly.

How to Wire the DRLs on a Land Rover Defender Bumper:

Wiring the DRLs requires some technical knowledge, so we recommend consulting an auto electrician to ensure a safe and proper installation. Begin by locating a suitable ignition live feed, which provides power when the ignition is turned on. This ensures that the DRLs will automatically light up when you start your vehicle. Run the wiring from the DRLs to the ignition live feed, ensuring all connections are secure and insulated. Use a relay to prevent overloading the circuit and a fuse for added protection. Connect the ground wire to a suitable grounding point on the vehicle's chassis. After completing the wiring, turn on the ignition to test the DRLs and ensure they are functioning as expected. Proper wiring not only ensures optimal performance but also enhances safety and compliance with road regulations.

We hope this blog has provided helpful advice on replacing your Defender front bumper and potentially saving you money in the long run.

Please check out the images of mild steel bumpers we have had coming through our workshop to see the difference for yourself.

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